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1 point to each.
KSA Chashak  02 Jauary 07
Many opportunities missed by both the teams hence the score board remained Blank.

In the First half, Dilbahar boys shown better performance but failed to score a goal. On the other side Raje Sambhaji’s players tried several times but didn’t succeed.
Match on 03/01/07 : Khandoba  v/s  Dilbahar-A

Sandhymath stopped Khandoba boys successfully.
KSA Chashak : 30 December 06
The match was slow. Two goals came from which one is self goal.

Sandeep Bhonsale scored the self goal for Sandhyamath in the 18th min.
Khandoba was leading by 1-0 but they failed to get 3 points.
 In the 56th minute their Rohit Salokhe scored the equalizer.

There will be no match [...]

PTM’s 3-1 win over Jaibhavani

Marcos, Matthu Ogan shined today. KSA Chashak : 24 December 06 In KSA chashak today, PTM-A beats Jai Bhavani Sports Institute by 3-1 goals. In the 19th minute, Marcos scored a fantastic goal from small D-area. Nitin Patil, Mattu Ogan of PTM tried to score several times in the first half but [...]

KSA Chashak : 24th November 06  
The match between Balgopal Talim Mandal (BGTM)  and Patakadil (Ptm-B) is incomplete and the remaining 22 minutes will be played on Sunday 26/11/06 at 2.30 pm.

The match started with the fabulous goal from Vijay Bhonsale (BGTM). He scored at the very first minute of the game. Due to new face [...]

Practice Lost from Sandhyamath

SA Chashak : 18 December 06
Sandhyamath beats Practise by 2-1 in a interesting match.
Today, the game from the players of Practise was superb, but they failed to finish. Many opportunities came and went in vain. Rajesh Patil ( Sandhyamath ) scored the first goal of the match in the 10th min. Kailash Patil (Practise) equalised in the 19th min. [...]



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