Marcos, Matthu Ogan shined today. KSA Chashak : 24 December 06 In KSA chashak today, PTM-A beats Jai Bhavani Sports Institute by 3-1 goals. In the 19th minute, Marcos scored a fantastic goal from small D-area. Nitin Patil, Mattu Ogan of PTM tried to score several times in the first half but didn’t succeed. From the side of Jai Bhavani, Vikas Kale and Umesh Bhagat played nice. In the second half, Marcos scored second goal for PTM. Due to the burden of two goals Jai bhavani players got disturbed. In the 64th minute Matthu Ogan scored third goal for PTM. Jai Bhavani’s Umesh Bhagat minimized the lead by 1 goal by scoring a goal in the 64th minute. There is no match on 25/12/06 and 26/12/06.