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KSA Chashak : 29th November 06

Anil Mandlik Football Club stopped Uttershwar Vaghachi Talim(UVT) Boys in 2-2-draw position.

In KSA Chashak today, Anirudh Shinde( UVT) opened an account of goal for his team at 25th minute. Atul Dabade has given a nice pass to Indranil Patil and he just finished it. for UVT)

In the second half, Anil Mandlik’s players came with the [...]

KSA chashak 28th November 06

 Fantastic goal by Practise’s Nilesh Dhobale.

In KSA Chashak today Practise Football Club shown a fantastic game and won the hearts of crowd. They scored 6 goals in 80 minutes. Jaybhavani also tried their level best to fight but after all Practise was Superb.

One Important aspect about Practise Football club is that there [...]

KSA Chashak : 28th November06
The incomplete match between them was played for 22 minutes today.

Yuvaraj Kurane of Balgopal added the goal in his party.
Final score Balgopal 2 and PTM-B 0.

A Chashak : 23 November 06
Patakadil Talim Mandal (PTM) has started in KSA Chashak with 3 points and 2 goals against Kolhapur Muncipal Corporation, Kolhapur.

The cloudy season and slightly raining has affected the game and the people. The game was not that much to the mark from the team like PTM.  Also, due to rain, there was [...]

KSA Chashak : 22nd November 06  

Shivaji Tarun Mandal is shocked by Dilbahar (B) when, Dilbahar’s Shriram Balugade has scored first goal for his team in the second half.
Both team has came up with youngsters hence the co-ordination among them was poor. The players from Dilbahar were facing the problem of injury and the game has stopped several [...]



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