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Uttereshwar’s Win

PTM-B lost the match successive 4th time.
KSA Chashak : 29 December 06
The match played between PTM-B and Uttereshwar was too hot and which created many problems. Rahul Nalwade (PTM) and Viraj (Uttereshwar) got red card due to dangerous play. The moment they got the card thy started fighting and created many problems.

Supporters from both teams [...]

Practise Club’s fine Victory

Nilesh Bhoi shown better performance today.
KSA Chashak : 28 December 06
The match was excellent. People enjoyed 3 goals and many attacking moves.

  In the second half, 3 goals happened. Sunil Mulik (42thMin.) ,
Sagar Chile (62th Min.) and Kailash Patil (70th min.)
Scored the goals.

Match on 29/12/06 : Uttereshwar Prasadik Mandal v/s PTM-B

Shivaji’s Win!

Shivaji beats Samrat Kapil by 2-0.
KSA Chashak : 23 December 06
Samrat Kapil Mitra Mandal played defensively, otherwise STM might scored more goals today. The wining goals are scored by Yuvaraj Patole (42th Min.) and Manoj Sutar (43th Min.)

Match on 24/12/06 : Jai Bhavani Sports Institute v/s PTM-A

Dilbahar won by 3-0

Kolhapur Police beaten by 0-3. KSA Chashak : 22 December 06 Dilbahar has shown very fine game today. They were more aggressive and tried several times to score a goal but the goalkeeper of K.police Mr.Ajit Wadekar done a good job and saved many attacks. In the 48th minute, Kiran Mohite scored [...]

Raje Sambhaji’s Win

PTM-B lost by 2-1
KSA Chashak : 21 December 06
Suukhand Rawal(Raje Sambhaji) scored the first goal of the match in 18th min. of the match. The second goal happened in the 34th min. from Raje Sambhaji’s Amit Gaddi

The only goal from the side of PTM-B was scored by Sangram Paimal in the 80th min.

Match on 22/12/06 : Dilbahar Talim Mandal – A v/s Kolhapur Police.

Dilbahar won by 2-1

Deciding goal scored by Prateek Vhanalikar
KSA Chashak : 19 December 06
Deciding goal scored by Prateek Vhanalikar
The match between Dilbahar Talim Mandal (B) and Uttreshwar Prasadik Mandal was hot due to quarrel among the players. Uttereshwar Prasadik’s goalkeeper Ranjeet Yadav and Sunny Sangar of Dilbahar argued, which created tension for some time in the match.

In the 71st min. Prateek Vhanalikar (Dilbahar) scored the [...]


KSA Chashak : 16 December 06
Rupesh Surve scored the equalizer. Match Draw in 2-2 Position.

Kolhapur Police team was too much aggressive in the first half.
Initially, they were leading by 2-0. But later PTM came up with full spirit
and succeed in stopping K.Police in equal position.
From K. Police, Rajendra Hande (12th min.) & Abhijeet Chavan (41th min.) where as from PTM, Matthu [...]

Shivaji’s Win

KSA Chashak : 15December 06
Total 9 GOALS in a match.

Today’s match was very much speedy. Both team shown fantastic game.
Ranjeet Ingwale (STM) opened an account of goal in the 3rd minute.
From the side of Anil Mandlik Sports, Pramod Ranvare netted equalizer.
First half was in 1-1 draw position.

In the second half, Yuaraj Patole (STM) scored 2nd goal in 42th minute.
Immediately, Ranjeet added two more goals [...]

Dilbahar’s victory!

KSA Chashak : 14 December 06
Nilesh Jadhav scored the crucial goal in the stoppage time.
The match between Dilbahar Talim Mandal (DTM)-A and Jaibhavani Sports Institute was very rough. Both the team members played faulty game many time. Also, they used very bad language to referee.

In the 20th minute, Vikas Kale shocked DTM boys by scoring the first goal of [...]


Football Lovers from Kolhapur were visiting Hemant Sports, Ramson Sports, Sunny Sports and Sai Sports.
KUFA Cup  : 13 December 06

In todays daily PUDHARI, SAKAL, LOKMAT and TARUN BHARAT, the news regarding the KUFA CUP design was published in KOLHAPUR. Football Lovers from Kolhapur were visiting Hemant Sports, Ramson Sports, Sunny Sports and Sai Sports.
Many had called [...]



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