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Practice won by 3-1

In the last 4 minute, 2 goals By Practice.
Balgopal Football Tournament, Kolhapur : 28 Feb. 07 
 In the 18th minute of the match, Nitin Bhonsale (Practice) scored the first goalBy simply chipping the ball in the net as the goalkeeper of KMC Nilesh Bhoi was already outside the goalpost.
In the second half, main referee, Aashish Pawar given penalty kick in the favor [...]

Rajarshi Shahu Cup, Kolhapur 28 Feb 2008 :
Shivaji Tarun Mandal defeated Rajesambhaji Tarun Mandal by 2-0. Their Nilesh Salokhe scored twice. In another match Sandhyamath beat Sanyukt Juna Budhwar Tarun Mandal by the margin of 3-1. Vinayak Chougule, Sagar Bhalkar( Sandhyamath) & Aji Pawar (Juna Budhwar) scored the goals.
Meanwhile, yesterday Khandoba defeated Fulewadi [...]

Balgopal 1-0

Balgopal Football Tournament, Kolhapur : 26th Feb 07

The match was so-so. The only goal scored by Yuvraj Kurane of Balgopal.
Meanwhile, again today there were clashes between the supporters of both the team, which created unnecessary tension.
This has to be stopped immediately otherwise it may go to very critical position sometime. Supporters should cool down otherwise they may lose [...]

Titanium, Kerala will play Final
Abhijeet Kadam Football Tournament, Pune :  25th Feb. 07.  There were too many expectations from the Maharashrian, Kolhapur’s Patakadil
Talim Mandal (PTM). Because they defeated last night big team Mohan Bagan.
 But, due various reasons PTM lost the game. They are1.      At the very beginning of the game Referee has allotted Penalty Kick in the favor of Titanium [...]

BIG NEWS for Kop. Football

Abhijeet Kadam All India Football Tournament, PUNE :2007-02-24                               

PTM created history in the football world of Kolhapur by beating team like Mohan Bagan (Junior) in Pune today. Today is proud day for Kolhapuri football.
The Asli Kolhapuri estyle has shown to the Football Pandhari city, Culcutta Team Mohan Bagan.    Mohan Bagan, is the leading National Football Team of India . This year [...]

BGTM’ s win

Jaibhavani lost by 3-0
Balgopal Football Tournament, Kolhapur : 2007-02-24  
Balgopal won the match by 3-0. Their Yuvaraj Kurane, Pradeep Tipugade, Gerrald Makkeri
played well today.  

KMC,Khandoba moved

Both matches were One sided
Balgopal Football Tournament, Kolhapur : 2007-02-23

Kmc’s fine victory over Fulewadi. Their Deepak Raut (6th min) andVishal Chougule(10th min.) scored goal in the first half. Afterwards, Vishal Chougule again (42nd min) and Amol Gaikawad (67th min) added 2 more goals. 
The second match clearly showed the drawback of GUEST players. Raje Sambhaji has registered maximum players [...]

Dilbahar,Practice Won matches

Big Victory of Practice & Sandhyamath out in the first round.
Balgopal Football tournament: 2007-02-22
Dilbahar –B and Practice in the next round.
In the first match today, Dilbahar boys shown better performance and won the match.
Practice beats Juna Budhwar by 9-1 goals.
Nilesh Dhobale scored 4 goals whereas Nitin Bonsale scored trice for Practice.

Fine Victory of Shivaji

Shivaji ‘s Graceful start in Balgopal Chashak today.
Balgopal Football Tournament : 2007-02-21
The first match of the tournament was one sided.
Shivaji scored 4 goals. Their  Nilesh Jadhav (10th minute), Nilesh Salohke ( 45th min.),Kunal jadhav-(46th min.), and Ranjeet Ingawale ( 53rd min.) scored the goals. 
The tournament is organized in the memory of former football players of
Bal Gopal Talim Mandal Late Shri.D.S. Vichare [...]

Khandoba won Shahu Chashak

Sandhyamath lost in boring match.
Rajarshi Shahu Chashak : 18 February 07     After 4 years of gap, Khandoba boys tasted the enjoyment of winning a trophy.Today’s match was boring. There may be many reasons behind it. May be Sandhyamath boys were playing successively third day and also Khandoba boys were playing second day. Dharmesh Medhe (41st min) and Sagar [...]



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