Titanium, Kerala will play Final

Abhijeet Kadam Football Tournament, Pune :  25th Feb. 07.  There were too many expectations from the Maharashrian, Kolhapur’s Patakadil

Talim Mandal (PTM). Because they defeated last night big team Mohan Bagan.

 But, due various reasons PTM lost the game. They are1.      At the very beginning of the game Referee has allotted Penalty Kick in the favor of Titanium Sports, Kerala. All the spectators, players and the other officials of the tournament get SHOCKED by his decision.2.      PTM players went into dipression.The result was that, even the Goalkeeper, Nagesh Rajmane stooped the penalty Kick; not a single player attacked the forward of Titanium, hence he scored easily first goal.3.      After few minutes, Titanium player scored another goal. At this time GoalkeeperAgain got injured and the substitute Chandrakant Naike (who is already injured) entered into the field.

      4.   PTM was playing long passes but due to the Height of Kerala players they failed in  achieving   goal.

       5.  Referee continued their partiality and not given some dangerous fouls in the favor    of           PTM. It would have be converted into goals.      6. In the second half, they came with the vengeance, but due to missing simple                                                          Opportunities ( e.g.Kailash Patil’s chance) they missed the bus of FINAL.       Overall, the match was superb. Kerala boys shown better speed, accuracy, strength        Comparative to PTM. They deserve the victory, No doubt! But if Referee could have        be more impartial then their may be chances of extra better performance by the       Players of both the team and ultimately memorable match.