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Star of FOOTBALL is Hospitalised
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona was taken by ambulance to a health clinic Wednesday because of problems caused by excessive eating, drinking and cigar smoking, but his life is not in danger.
Maradona, 47, was taken to the Guemes health clinic in the Argentine capital and was followed [...]

Shivaji Lost!

Khanoda’s victory over Shivaji by 1-0.
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:  2007-03-29
 The confusion about the permission of the tournament was cleared and the match between Khandoba and Shivaji took place at Shahu Stadium without any problem. Shakeel Patel (Khandoba) scored the decisive goal of the match in the 80th minute of the game. Rest of the match was so boring. Very [...]

Shivaji SHOCKED Practice!

Practice lost the game by 0-1
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:  2007-03-28
 Ranjeet Ingawale scored the goal for Shivaji in the first half. Afterwards, many attempts from Shivaji’s Banda Vanire failed. He shot some beautifull volleys but the goalkeeper of Practice stopped everyone. From the side of Practice Kailash Patil created several superb moves but didn’t succeed due to directionless kicking. [...]

Khandoba’s win in SUPER-4

Dilbahar lost the first game of Super-4
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:  2007-03-27
 The first match of league matches of ‘Mahasangram’ was interesting. Both team members tried hard to score a goal but failed. Spectators gathered in good numbers but no goal happened.
Dilbahar’s STAR striker Sachin Patil returned back to the field today but he failed to give his [...]

Dilbahar,Khandoba in SUPER-4

Dilbahar defeated Police while Khnadoba beats Sandhyamath.
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:2007-03-25   
In the 22nd minute, Kiran Mohite scored first goal for Dilbahar. Shahaji Patil provided the pass to him. The match came in equalized status after The goal by Nitin Redekar(Police, 50th min.) finally, the wining goal scored by Kiran Mohite(63rd min.) 
Manoj Jadhav scored a goal in the stoppage timing of first half. In [...]


PTM and KMC are out of the Tournament.
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur: 2007-03-24 

In the very interesting match today, Shivaji defeated PTM by 2-1.
Ptm was leading by 1-0 till the first half, but Shivaji boys shown better game today and scored 2 goals in the second half. The second goal came in last minute of the game.
 Meanwhile,PTM’s Nitin Patil [...]

Mandlik Sporting and Fulewadi Lose Their Matches
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur: 2007-03-23
Jalander Raut scored the first goal in the 23rd minute for Sandhyamath.Later, Atul Salokhe scored another goal on a corner-kick in the 58th minute, Rohit Salokhe added one more goal in the 61st min. of the game. The only goal was scored by Anil Mandlik Sporting by Shivaji Patil. 
In the second match, [...]

Police, Shivaji won today

Jabhavani and Rajesambhaji lost
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:  2007-03-22
Today’s first match was boring. Kolhapur Police and Rajesambhaji player
Failed to win the hearts of spectators. The only goal of the match happened in the 70th minute. Abhijeet Chavan (Police) scored the goal on a pass given by Santaji Chavan.
Second match between Shivaji Tarun Mandal and Jaibhavani was okay. In [...]

Practice’s BIG WIN by 9-1

One sided match Bal Gopal Football Tournament, Kolhapur : 2007-02-22 The tournament is organized in the memory of Late. Gopalrao Pise and Late. D.S.Vichare (Former Football Players of BGTM) In the first match, Dilbahar-B shocked Sandhyamth by 3-2. In the 2nd minute Sunny Sangar opened an account with the goal. Immediately, Amit Chougule ( [...]

Practice, Kmc in the next round

Uttersehwar & Balgopal lose their Matches
Espn Mahasangram Chashak, Kolhapur:  2007-03-21
Kailash Patil scored in the first half for Practice then Sagar Chile (43rd min.) and Nitin Bhonsale (50th min.) added two more goals.
In the second game, Gerald Makkey scored a goal by the pass received from Vijay Bhonsale of Balgopal. Immediately, in the 18th minute Somnath Lambore of KMC
scored the [...]



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