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Shivaji defeated Raje Sambahai whereas
Sandhyamath Juna Budhawar
Rajarshi Shahu Cup, Kolhapur 28 Feb 2008 :

Shivaji Tarun Mandal defeated Rajesambhaji Tarun Mandal by 2-0. Their Nilesh Salokhe scored twice. In another match Sandhyamath beat Sanyukt Juna Budhwar Tarun Mandal by the margin of 3-1. Vinayak Chougule, Sagar Bhalkar( Sandhyamath) & Aji Pawar (Juna Budhwar) scored the [...]


Practice Club lost in the opening match
from Masters Club, Gadhinglaj.
Rajarshee Shahu Cup 26Feb 2008

In the opening match Master Sports Club, Gadhinglaj shocked every one by practice Football Club by the margin of 3-1.
Their Goan striker Aiebor Fernandis shined today. He scored 2 goals. The opening goal scored by Tausif Bandar from Masters Club [...]


Jaibhavani’s victory over Army Goa
Kolhapur terriers Football tournament 24 Feb. 2008

Finally, Jaibhavani defeated army Goa by 1-0 and grabbed the title. Jaibhavani’s Nilesh Kadav (substitute scored a goal). He took a shot which is entered in the net by getting deflected by backside of Raju Gavade (Jaibhavani player)

Meanwhile, yesterday, Army goa registered a [...]

Jaibhavani In the FINAL!

Another team of PTM lost today!
Kolhapur Terriers Football Tournament, Kolhapur
22 Feb 2008:
After finishing the match between PTM-A & Jaibhavani goalless draw, the result decided on Tie-breaker in which Jaibhavajni defeated by 4-3.
Yesterday also, PTM’s second team lost from Khandoba. Khandoba won the match on sudden death after 1-1 draw in the full time. [...]

Aarmi Goa’s Victory!

Dilbahar lost by 3 goals
Kolhapur Terriers Football Tournament, Kolhapur 20 Feb 2008:
The 3rd KSA rank team Dilbahar Talim Mandal-A lost the game today from Aarmi Goa by 0-3 goals. Today’s result again showed the limitations of Local football team.
From the side of Aarmi Goa ,Vialla Namakka scored twice whereas M. Doshi Annau [...]

Jaibhavani’s 2 goal victory!

Jaibhavani registered victory against
Kolhapur Police

Kolhapur Terriers Football Tournament, Kolhapur

18 th Feb 2008:

Jaibhavani registered a 2-0 victory against Kolhapur Police.
Their Kinglsy scored in the first half whereas Nilesh Jadhav in the second!
Police boys tried to score a goal but not succeed.

Ptm thrashed Practice by 7-1

Again the Hero is Marcos! He scored 5 goals.
Kolhapur Terriers Football Tournament , Kolhapur
17 feb 2008 :
The rivals of football in Kolhapur, PTM-A & Practice Club again faced each other in the second round of the tournament. Unexpectedly, PTM-A thrashed Practice by 7-1. Actually, people were expecting a competitive game but unfortunately it was [...]

12 goals scored today !
Kolhapur Terrier Football Tournamet, Kolhapur -2008 15 Feb. 2008 :
Dilbahar‘s easy win over Raje sambhaji by 6-1 From Dilbahar, Rehman Cardoso scored 4 goals whereas Sunny Sangar scored 2.Pramod Sasane scored the only goal on penalty storke from RajeSambhaji.
Also Khandoba defeated Anil Mandlik Sports with the margin of 5 goals. [...]

PTM-B shocked STM

Jai bhavani defeated KMC in another match
Kolhapur Terriers Football Tournament-2008 14th feb. 2008 :
PTM-B boys shocked Shivaji Tarun Mandal by defeating one goal. It’s first victory of PTM-B in the senior division after becoming junior division champ.Dheeraj Powar scored the winning goal. Boys of Shivaji tried hard for the equalizer but [...]

PTM & Police in the NEXT Round

Marcos scored FOUR goals.

Kolhapur Terriers Cup Football Tournament, Kolhapur: 13 Feb.2008 :
Today, Kolhapur Police won on tie breaker (4-3) against Master Sports Gadhinglaj in the first match. Interestingly, Masters Sports was playing their 1st match in the senior division and they finished with 1-1 draw against Kolhapur Police. But people were happy about the game [...]



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