Kolhapur 4th jan. 2011 : Mumbai Fc sucessfully stopped the dynamic Kingfisher East Bangal’s victorius march by equalising the game on 1-1 draw position.

Mumbai FC’s EZEH Henry (Jersey No. 10 ) scored the equaliser through heading  in the second half after reciving a cross from Ashutosh Mehata ( jersey no.21)and fantastic pass from Nicolous Rodrigues( jersey no.7) by left foot.

Meanwhile in the first half, Kingfisher East bangal was more dominating. Their. Sanjiv Pradhan (jersey no. 11),and austalian striker Tolgay Ozabey( Jersey no. 20) were created many moves but failed. In a corner kick taken by KEB’s THokchom singh their UGA OKPARA ( jersey no. 4) scored the first goal of the match in the 15th minute of the game.

Theirin after,  Tolgay Ozabey( Jersey no. 20) attempted one BULLET Shot which hitted the Cross bar. Also one attempt of Mumbai Fc’s captainNeol Wilson was there. he  crossed beautifully on a freekick to his teammate EBI SUKORE Theophlius (jersey no. 15) on which EBI headed the ball directly towards the goal but the alert goalkeeper of K.EB  Sandip Nunday (jersey no. 24) saved the attack very cleaverly.

Coming from back Mumbai FC’s team played very bravely and stopped the K. EAST Bangal in draw position.

Man oF the Match :    EZEH Henry (Jersey No. 10 ) Mumbai Fc.