Western India Football Association (W.I.F.A), Mumbai’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hon’ble Shri. Henry Menezes was in Kolhapur for 2 days for the I-league football matches. Amardeep Kundale (President, KUFA and editor of KUFA magazine & www.kufa.in) interviewed Shri.Henry Menezes.

Location: Hotel Ayodhya, Kolhapur. Room No.132. Time: Morning 11: 00 am to 1:30 pm

HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) receiving KUFA Ball from Amardeep Kundale

HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) receiving KUFA Ball from Amardeep Kundale

Amardeep: Sir, We would like to know your views about INDIAN FOOTBALL..?

Henry: Indian Football had lost their way but now India is fighting full fledge to come back. In the year 1948-52 our football team represented Olympics. But after that we lost away. Now, we are taking all the efforts to get the lost glory.

Today, the whole world’s eyes are on INDIA because of the population and developing status of INDIA. FIFA & AFC know that they can’t do anything without INDIA. The FIFA President, Mr. Joseph S. Blatter says that he cannot think FOOTBALL without INDIA. India is having 3rd largest population in the World having 21 million footballers. Moreover, for foreign football league matches entire viewership is very high in India. If, we put our energy properly, take right steps, and attract the Investors, then INDIA will definitely come back with Glory.

In India, we have many resources as compared to other countries; only the thing is that we don’t have expertise. If we have quality coaches, we can create and develop grassroots & youth program properly. ‘Receiving’ and ‘Passing’ are the alphabets of Football which should be improved. For this, we need quality coaches at grass root level.

Marketing & Advertising is also required for FOOTBALL like every commercial business. Matches need to come live on Primetime for which infrastructure like stadiums with floodlight are necessary.

Grassroots & Youth development should be our SLOGAN for BETTER & FUTURE of INDIAN FOOTBALL.

HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) appreciated KUFA magazine

HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) appreciated KUFA magazine

Amardeep: What is your future PLANS as a CEO in WIFA..?

Henry: Maharashtra is one of the TOP economical strongest states in India. Also, it’s 2nd largest in population as 12 crore people live in this MAHA state of India. 30 districts are affiliated to WIFA, 1500 football clubs, more than 1000 school- teams and numbers of entrepreneurs are working for FOOTBALL development. This means that we have HUGE logistics and POTENTIAL.

The system of quality players coming out can be improved. We have identified that at grass root level the BASIC Technique is not taught and up to the MARK. Here, we lack.

For this, our 1st Project is COACH EDUCATION PROGAMMME.

To begin with this, COACH EDUCATION PROGRAMME will be our PRIMARY FOCUS. The plan is of 10-15 years and at the mid of it, that is, after 7-8 years, actual Progress will start. Meanwhile, we have to make ready advanced systems, expertise, and advanced knowledge in the proper place.



Amardeep: What is COACH EDUCATION Programme..?

HENRY: This programme has been approved by ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDRATION (AIFF).

Shri. Kushal Das, Secretary of AIFF states that this is the RIGHT STEP FORWARD and it will be a PILOT Project of INDIA. If it succeeds, the same will run in other state associations also.

Mr. Gabriel Joseph, AIFF’s Coaching Director, will be the Head of this program in MHARASHTRA.

The plan will be to create Instructors, from the existing AFC license holders.

All AFC ‘A’ & ‘B’ license- holder coaches have to undergo an Instructors’ course and from then onwards they will start conducting certified courses for grassroots & youth development. By doing this, we hope that at the end of year, we CREATE more than 1000 QUALITY Coaches in Maharashtra itself. For monitoring this project, a LOG BOOK has to be maintained and after every THREE months, coaches have to SUBMIT their report of the current status to WIFA.

Initially, we are planning to start this as a PILOT project in Maharashtra at 3 places namely Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. Afterwards, we will cover the entire Maharashtra phase-wise.

Now, it is the responsibility of the District Associations to select the RIGHT candidate for this certificate course because the football grass-root development and youth development depends on the right person and coach.

Let’s the game begins…



Amardeep: What’s your opinion about Various Football academies in INDIA..?

HENRY: There are so many academies. Quite a few are working devotedly for the development of football independently.

We need to make certain amendments and set up criteria with such academies and must take them on BOARD with the district of WIFA as a parent association. After that, we can make a plan that can convert those academies as an OFFICIAL CENTERES subject to criteria set by WIFA. This will further boost the organization and its work which ultimately boost the grass root football development.

Famous Industrialist Hon'ble MUKESH AMBANI with HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) along with Hon'ble Shri. Mohammad Wali (Jt. Secretary,WIFA, Mumbai)

Famous Industrialist Hon'ble MUKESH AMBANI with HENRY MENEZES (CEO,WIFA, MUMBAI) along with Hon'ble Shri. Mohammad Wali (Jt. Secretary,WIFA, Mumbai)

Amardeep: What do you feel About KOLHAPUR..? Any Suggestions..?

HENRY: Kolhapur is a SPORTS City in which Football is a major ATTRACTION.

Lot of enthusiasm, spirit and sporting culture are also privilege in the city. The only fact and matter remains are the experience to fans if we can give them a GOOD EXPERIENCE in FOOTBALL.

Kolhapur is a historical place too. Kolhapur attracts International tourists which is an additional advantage. Rajarshee Chhatrapati SHAHU Maharaja’s NEW PALACE is an ICONIC structure.

Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaja of Kolhapur is highly involved in football development in Kolhapur which is the BEST thing for the city. Even his entire family, namely, Chhatrapati Samhbajiraje, Malojiraje Chhatrapati, and Madurimaraje devoted their lots of time for sporting activities.

Kolhapur is capable of hosting INTERNATIONAL MATCHES with the little bit of improvement in the Infrastructure. There is HUGE amount of interest from investors at local level.

Kolhapur Sports Association (KSA) should work on the line to tap the potential investors of the city.

Kolhapur needs to invest rightly to provoke this beautiful game of football.

After all, Kolhapur is GOLD MINE for not only Maharashtra but for INDIA also.

Amardeep: What is your opinion about KUFA..?

HENRY: Kolhapur needs HUNDREDS like this!

KUFA is the GREAT objective to create & build INTERNATIONAL QUALITY FOOTBALL PLAYERS from Kolhapur for INDIA. With their structured organization they look like a PROFFESIONAL Body. Very soon with the help of the program set by WIFA, they could get their OWN QUALITY COACHES.


Amaredeep: Thanks a LOT Sir for your Valuable time spent for us.

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