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I-League: The Bombay High Court’s Decision Is God’s Blessing On The City Of Mumbai -WIFA CEO Henry Menezes

Mumbai football shall once again see the stands being filled with fans in the near future, assured Menezes…

Henry Menezes

Henry Menezes

It’s a shot in the arm for Mumbai football as the Bonbay High Court dismissed the plea of the Oval Cooperage Residents’ Association (OCRA) in favour of refurnishing the stadium by Western India Football Association (WIFA).

“It’s a relief for the football fraternity across Mumbai and even Maharashtra for that matter,” were the first words uttered by Henry Menezes after the court announced its verdict.

“There are more 330 clubs in the city and it’s about time people get a chance to watch some good football action,” he added.

Menezes believes that this judgment shall change the “perspective” of football in the financial capital of the country.

“Now the MDFA (Mumbai District Football Association) has acquired its own ground at Rangsharda and now with this decision coming, it is certainly God’s blessing to the city of Mumbai,” he said.

The former general manager of Mumbai FC feels that people of Mumbai are very much keen to come to the stadium to watch the matches provided there is an apt environment created for them, on which WIFA shall immediately ponder upon and get their act together.

“Certainly I believe that people shall flock to the stadium if you have the matches at primetime instead of a 3.30 or 4.30 pm kick-off.

“If the facilities are put in place, there is not an iota of doubt that we shall have good crowds then,” opined Menezes