stand-bySTAND BY really focuses on the situation of Football in INDIA especially on the dirty politics. It’s a sincere effort by the Hon’ble director Shri. Sanjay Surkar (who is famous for making Award winning films. 4 National Awards in his bag for previous films.). The actors Adinath Kothare and  Siddhart Kher are suitable to their roles. This is Adinath’s first hindi film and he has got the BIG opportunity to reach to everyone. Moreover,  the Underplay by Indian Team Coach (Manish Chaudhary ) is superb! His presence and silence creates magic and impact on screen. Sachin Khedekar is as usual great. Kolhapur’s very own ex-footballer Virat Madke ( captain of East Bangal team) is also in the film and played an important role. But really winner is the Producer of the film. Because we can’t put him at STAND BY! He has shown courage to produce this meaningful movie. The film has very impressive scenes which can appeal to everyone. Only the technical side e.g the taking of Football matches, practice sessions etc were ordinary. Also the picturisation and overall inclusion of the Songs in the film are average.

Adinath Kothare and Sachin Khedekar in standby

Overall the film can raise the issue of POLYTICS in SPORTS in INDIA and the people will love this movie from all parts of INDIA. The film might get NATIONAL AWARD! And Sanjay Surkar too.. for his fantastic storytelling style.

On the whole, Every Indian Should watch this Movie and Promote the same to every One. GO and WATCH..

Amardeep Kundale