History Of Kolhapuri Football


In the year, 1914 Prince Shivaji ( younger son of Rajarshee Shahu Maharajaof Kolhapur) started playing football in Kolhapur .
1)  Honorable Chh. Rajaram Maharaj  has supported this game in late 1920.
2)  Honorable Chh. Shahaji Raje from Devas has played a key role to get attention
from common man of the city.
3)  Before the first FIFA World Cup (i.e. 1930 Urugwey) there was
a team in Kolhapur named as ‘Jamadar Football Club’.
4) Many clubs formed then on words (1930–1970).
Footballers get job at various Govt. Offices or Rajaji’s offices.

Footballers get job at various Govt. Offices or Rajaji’s offices.

5)  1970 – 1990 Golden Era of Kolhapuri Football.
Highest Achievement: 1st Football Player ‘RICHIE FERNANDIS’ represented India
No. of players played for Santosh Trophy and represented
Maharashtra at various tournaments.

6)  Local players got job opportunity through KMC, Menon,
State Transport (ST), Police, Zilla Parishad (ZP) etc.
The total is around 100.

7)  Some of the players got job outside the city like RCF,
Union Bank, Customs, New India Assurance etc.
The total is around 10.

8)  1990—2010 Major development in terms of tournaments
conducting , prize distribution, media exposure and increased
no. of teams (120 teams registered with KSA (Kolhapur Sports Association )

This year , 2014  Kolhapuri football is completing 100 years.

10) In Kolhapur , Kolhapur Sports Association (KSA) is guided by
Hon.ble Shrimant Chh. Shahu Maharaj is affiliated to Western
India Football Association,(W.I.F.A.) Mumbai.
KSA is taking efforts to develop the interest of the game to all parts
of the city. Local media i.e. all the newspapers like Daily  Pudhari ,
Sakal , Lokmat, Tarun Bharat , Kolhapur Times , Samaj,
Maharashtra Times, Loksatta and TV media B-TV , has played
major role in developing the interests of Every Kolhapuri towards
this game.Kolhapur District Referee Association has been playing
significant role to maintain the standard of the game.

FOOTBALL- Soul of Kolhapur

The relationship of Kolhapur city to ‘FOOTBALL’ game can be confirmed from the fact that there was ‘JAMDAR FOOTBALL CLUB’ established in the year 1920, which is prior to commencement of  FIFA’s FOOTBALL WORLD CUP tournament.

Kolhapur city has more love with ‘FOOTBALL’ and ‘WRESTLNG’ than that of itself. The great King Chhatrapati Shahaji, a grand son of Rajashri Shahu Maharaja who had come to Kolhapur from DEVAS city of M.P. state, for taking higher education, had an intense attraction with FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL stated during the reign of the King Chh. Rajaram Maharaja, a son of the king Chh. Shahu Maharaja around 1920.

The people of Kolhapur got inspiration from the Kings to play FOOTBALL with great zeal and enthusiasm. The graph of spirit of football players never came down; it went higher and higher.

In brief, in the 90 years history of FOOTBALL, this game has created a permanent place in the hearts ofKolhapur people. You will find FOOTBALL players in every family in the city. There are very few  families inKolhapur city who doesn’t like Football.

Many of them have achieved outstanding performance and have rendered yeomen service to FOOTBALL game. The more we write about them, the lesser will be words.

Thus FOOTBALL is the heart of city with thousands of beats per second.

Historic FOOTBALL TEAMS & TOURNAMNTS (1925-1940)
In Kolhapur, there were more than 25 football teams during the period 1925 to 1930. The most prominent teams were JAMDAR CLUB, JOLLY CLUB, FERNADIS CLUB, SARJERAO CLUB, BARAIMAM, BALVIR, PALACE TEAM, CHHATRAPATI FOOTBALL TEAM, DEWAS YUVRAJ CLUB (DYC), SHIVAJI, and PRACTICE.

Many tournaments like DASARA CUP, ANWAR CUP, BORGAONKAR CUP, BELGAON CUP, SHIVJAYANTI CUP and SANGLI SANSTHAN CUP used to hold in Kolhapur and around cities.

The players used to play with animal spirit in spite of the fact that there was technical guidance to them. Moreover, the players were not having sports shoes due to which they used to face injuries to their feet. But their zeal and enthusiasm was so great that they overcame these adverse conditions to play.

Up to 1940, the game and players were encouraged and got substantial support from many honorable and great personalities. The King Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaja and Chhatrapati Shahaji Raje inspired the people to play football.

The leadership of Hon. Principal Malka Singh, Hon. Gopalrao Uperkar, and Hon. Dinkarrao Shinde led the Kolhapuri football to threshold of progress.

Kolhapur Bhooshan Late Hindurao Salokhe, Ram Kamble, Dnyandev Sathe, Ganpat Haldakar, Prant officer Dhere Saheb, Chiknis, Shankarrao Shinde had got beautiful style and skill to play football for which people got attracted to the game. The people used to admire these players and tried to adopt their style to play football. They achieved an outstanding performance as football players.

The role of umpire in football is very crucial.

Papa Pardesi, Dagadu master, Nijam Momin, Kundale Master, Bhimrao Dalvi acted as football Referee. Their decision was so correct and impartial that there was no event in the history of football where anybody raised an objection against their decision as an Referee.

All these personalities gave glorious prestige to football, inspired players and people to play, created awareness and love with the football game.

Thus, football game got encouraged due to substantial support of these great personalities.

Rivalary On Field


During the period 1940 to 1950, the teams like “Shivaji”, “Bar imam”, “practice” and “Balgopal” were leading teams and were in full swing representing particular area of Kolhapur city. There were many fans of these teams who used to come to see and enjoy their game.

In the event of Final match between any of the above two leading teams, people were very eager to know the result of final match. The people used to guess the probable winning team right from morning of the day of the final match. The final match used to be very interesting. There was dying down (blow) fight between the two final teams. The ground used to be full with spectators. There used to be fire works by the fans of winning team.

Due to this tough competition, sometimes there were disputable situations amongst the fans of winning team and defeated team. Sometimes matches were held up due to disputable situation.

There used to be big celebration in the honor of winning team during the whole night. The next whole month was full of congratulation parties, functions, joy, enthusiasm and happiness in the honor of winning team.

After the year 1950, drastic changes took place in FOOTBALL game such as changes in FOOTBALL Ground, Apparatus, Football and Role of Referee etc.

During this period ‘KOLHAPUR SPORTS ASSOCIATION’ was established which took place many improvements in the game. The more the popularity of football enhanced, the more number of new players increased. There was a very big rivalry amongst the players to participate in top most teams to show their caliber in the game.

The players had to wait to participate in top most teams. This situation resulted in the formation of new teams. ‘PATAKADIL TALIM MANDAL’ (PTM) formed by 1962 by the initiative of  SHRIRAM NALAVADE (the team Manager) with the players Jaysing Mule, Bal Nalavade, Sundarsingh Rajput, Nana Patil, Kerba Gaud, Shriram Bhonsale, Suresh Mane, Shamrao Jadhav, Ram Ghabade , Pandurang Nalavade, Pandit Powar, Ashok powar, Gajanan Phadtare, bhimrao Chougule, Sada Bandar, Ashok Mestri, Babu Bhonsale, Later, Shri. Jayavantrao Sarnaik, a top most player of ‘PRACTICE CLUB’ joined this team with the players Shri. Balasaheb Ingavale and Shri. Jay sing Shinde and others.

PTM won its sports creating genius players so far who achieved Govt. jobs under sports quota, which played at national level and rendered yeoman service for improving FOOTBALL game in the city.

In the year 1966, ‘SHAHUPURI FOOTBALL CLUB’ was established under the able guidance of Shri. D. R. Arekar with the help of Yashwant Katvare, Mohan Bawadekar, Baliram Sangavadekar and others. Shri. Yashwant Katvarelooked after ‘SHAHUPURI FOOTBALL CLUB’ for 36 years from the beginning of the club. The pleasures, surprising, admirable, inspiring fact is that he played for the team up to the age of 57 years.

Some of the main football players up to the year 1975 are Prabhakar Magdum, Datta Vichare, Pise Bandhu, Govind Jathar, Arun Narake, Baban Thorat, Nishikant Mandlik, Appasaheb Vanire, Ram Kadam, Prakash Redekar, and Umesh Chorage.


With the participation of outstanding football players of the city, new teams were formed during the period like S. T. Mahamandal team, Menon and Menon team, Kolhapur Municipality team, and Kolhapur Police team, etc…

The players of these teams secured good jobs due to sport. This resulted in cheerful and pleasures situation for Kolhapur football.

Players of S.T. Mahamandal team were Keraba Goud, Nana Patil, Shriram Bhosale, Baban Thorat, Umesh Chorage, Nishikant Mandlik, Umar Faras, Prabhu Rane, Babu Ghatage, Mohan Mengane and Mohan Mane etc.

Players of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation Team were Jayavantrao Sarnaik, Bhau Sarnaik, and Dilip Mane, Bajirao alias Mansing Mandlik, S. Y. Sarnaik, Nivas Jadhav, Prabhakar Sutar, Ganpat Sathe, Dipak Tikekar, Pandit Powar, Janardan Suryavanshi and Sarjerao Salokhe.

Players, who secured jobs in Police Department were Sharad Mali, Shyam Devane, Pandba Jadhav, Sanjay Gharage, Sunil Thombre, Raju Kadam, Rajendra Kadam, Manoj Jadhav, Chandrakant Jadhav, Noormohammad Desai, Sampat Shinde, Prakash Chougule, Shivaji Magdum, Babu Khandekar, Inspector Ravi Salokhe, P.S.I. Mahesh Sawant and Superintendent of Police Shankarrao Chougule etc. 

Suresh Mandlik, Vijay Kadam, Kishor Khedkar also played for R.C.F.

Vishwas Kamble played for Union Bank. Sudhakar Patil played for New India Assurance. Akbar Makandar achieved job in central excise department. Ananda Done achieved job in I.T.I., Babaso Patil and Sudhakar Ghatage achieved job in Z.P.

Thus the number of football players who achieved good jobs on the strength of football game went on increasing and thus many players got attracted to the world the FOOTBALL .

The period of 1975 to 1985 was the Golden period of FOOTBALL in city which gave most outstanding players as compared to earlier period. Their performance, presentation, the prestige, love and praise they won from the public is remarkable forever. The players of the said / mentioned period were having caliber and attitude to play with animal spirit and sportsmanship with deep study.

Due to these qualities they could succeed. The main players of this period were Bhau Sarnaik, Raju Kadam, Sharad Mali, Sharad Powar, Ananda Thombre, Nivas Jadhav,  Vivek Powar, Umesh Sarnaik, Sampat Mandlik, Dilip Mane, Sarjerao Salokhe,  Anil Mandlik and Bajirao Mandlik etc.

During this golden period, many players of the city played at National level and University Players with outstanding performance and gave the glory to the Kolhapur city.


Due to want of technical guidance to football players of Kolhapur city, there was no proper justification and utilization to the caliber and potential of the players.

Sir Javed Khan took sincere efforts to train the players between 14 to 18 yrs. age group. It is the result of his efforts that ‘ Richie Fernandis’ a player Practice Football Club was entered the Indian football Team and scored a goal for India while playing in Malysia. Richie Fernandis is the first player of Kolhapur City who played for India Football team.

Moreover, Anil Chopdar(Shinde) of PTM also entered Indian Football team of under 16 years age group. Another outstanding disciple of Sir javed khan is Sanjay Hanchnale of PTM,who played for Maharashtra and Maharashtra won SANTOSH TROPHY after a gap of 23 years in 1995.

Thus, Sir Javed Khan bestowed upon outstanding players and had a great contribution to Kolhapuri football.

Increase in raivalary and Stuggle :

During 1988 to 1992 there was a great rivalary and enthusiasm amonst the leading teams like Shivaji Tarun Mandal, Patakadil Talim Mandal (PTM), Balgopal, Kolhapur Police etc. All these teams were going neck and neck for the victory. Victory did not rest with any team continuously due to great rivalry and struggle amongst the above teams.

The main players during this period were Ananda Thombare, Richie Fernandis, Sandeep Narke, Sambhaji Jadhav, Anil Chopdar, Sharad Powar, Sandip Patil, Vikas Patil, Dhananjay Suryavanshi, Ramesh Patil. etc.

More NEW teams Formed :

In the year 1994, telecasting of FIFA World Cup football matches(USA-94) was started which helped the promotion of football.

During 1990 to 1994 teams like Sandhyamath football club, PTM-B, Goldstar, Late Anil Mandlik Football club entered in the senior division and created own identification within short period.

Sandhyamath’s team was in full swing during 1996 to 1999 with the players like Chandrakant jambhale, Pramod bhonsale, Sudhir Sarnaik, Jalandar Raut. etc.

Goldstar Football Club had a golden opportunity to play in NEPAL for the first time under the guidance of Shivaji Patil. Foreign players of Goldstar like Hasan Mohammad, Mohamaddin, Juher Hanan impressed the people due to their special style of playing. Rajesh Lad, Rajendra Hande,Mahesh Dakare, Ganesh Chougule were also popular and in full swing.

PTM’s second team entered into senior team named as PTM-B under the devoted guidance of Amardeep Kundale. In this team players like Prashant Ingawale, Amardeep Kundale, Nitin Patil, Santosh Telang, Shrikant Patil, Ranjeet Tiware were the main players.

Late Anil Mandlik football club which was formed for perpetuating late Anil Mandlik’s name is gaining ground slowly. Many new genious players are playing for this club due to great efforts of Hon’ble Bajirao Mandlik.

JAYBHAVANI-the first Semi-Professional Team

In the year 1995, ‘Jaybhavani’ Sports Institute alias ‘Palace team’ was re-formed with great encouragement of Shrimant Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj under the captainship of Richie Fernandis with selected outstanding players such as Amol Aayre, Nitin Patil, Shrikant Patil, Ranjit Tiware, Santosh Telang, Rajendra Sangar from PTM; Rajendra Gawade,Sachin Gawade from Practice football club. Shri. Shriniwas Jadhav was the head coach.

Jaybhavani Football Club did not allow any team to win and achieved many outstaning victories continuously for two years creating it’s own identification.

Simultaneously, ‘Dilbahar Club’ re-entered spectacularly. Some players from other states played for Dilbahar Club for the First time on contract basis. This resulted that Dilbhar classified under TOP teams.

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