Historic teams

Historic FOOTBALL TEAMS & TOURNAMNTS  (1925-1940)                       

In Kolhapur, there were more than 25 football teams during the period 1925 to 1930. The most prominent teams were JAMDAR CLUB, JOLLY CLUB, FERNADIS CLUB, SARJERAO CLUB, BARAIMAM, BALVIR, PALACE TEAM, CHHATRAPATI FOOTBALL TEAM, DEWAS YUVRAJ CLUB (DYC), SHIVAJI, and PRACTICE.

Many tournaments like DASARA CUP, ANWAR CUP, BORGAONKAR CUP, BELGAON CUP, SHIVJAYANTI CUP and SANGLI SANSTHAN CUP used to hold in Kolhapur and around cities.

The players used to play with animal spirit in spite of the fact that there was technical guidance to them. Moreover, the players were not having sports shoes due to which they used to face injuries to their feet. But their zeal and enthusiasm was so great that they overcame these adverse conditions to play. 

Up to 1940, the game and players were encouraged and got substantial support from many honorable and great personalities. The King Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaja and Chhatrapati Shahaji Raje inspired the people to play football.

The leadership of Hon. Principal Malka Singh, Hon. Gopalrao Uperkar, and Hon. Dinkarrao Shinde led the Kolhapuri football to threshold of progress. 

Kolhapur Bhooshan Late Hindurao Salokhe, Ram Kamble, Dnyandev Sathe, Ganpat Haldakar, Prant officer Dhere Saheb, Chiknis, Shankarrao Shinde had got beautiful style and skill to play football for which people got attracted to the game. The people used to admire these players and tried to adopt their style to play football. They achieved an outstanding performance as football players.  

The role of umpire in football is very crucial.

Papa Pardesi, Dagadu master, Nijam Momin, Kundale Master, Bhimrao Dalvi acted as football Referee. Their decision was so correct and impartial that there was no event in the history of football where anybody raised an objection against their decision as an Referee.    

All these personalities gave glorious prestige to football, inspired players and people to play, created awareness and love with the football game.

Thus, football game got encouraged due to substantial support of these great personalities.    



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